Lee Martin CD - Late Night Sessions


Image of Lee Martin CD - Late Night Sessions

Lee Martin's album "Late Night Sessions" features a combination of original songs written by Lee Martin as well as some well known songs performed live.

A very special aspect of this CD is that all the album artwork was hand drawn by Lee herself.

Each CD comes in a cardboard sleeve and is individually plastic wrapped.
120mm x 120mm size
16 songs in total
9 Origanal Lee Martin written songs
7 Well know cover songs
9 Live recordings

Song list:
1. I know you’re sleeping (Lee Martin)
2. Head on my shoulders (Lee Martin)
3. Crying out to you (Lee Martin)
4. Two months (Lee Martin)
5. I’ll be OK (Lee Martin)
6. Jamie (Lee Martin)
7. Thundersorm (Lee Martin)

Live Recordings
8. Sky of blue (Lee Martin)
9. Boy that I loved (Lee Martin)
10. Graceland (Pual Simon)
11. I’m on fire (Bruce Springsteen)
12. Songbird (Eva Cassidy)
13. Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen)
14. Que sera sera (Doris Day)
15. La vie en rose (Edith Piaf)
16. Maggie (Corinne Morgan)